Come and Play!


Ignite Your Creativity is a practical drawing & painting course that will provide a safe space for you to develop your creative ideas through a series of prompts exploring different approaches and methods.


Each session will introduce one key concept or example from art and design as a way of encouraging & empowering creative 'play' to help you to loosen up and become more expressive.


The course is open to all but will particularly benefit those who feel they need to open up to being more creative, from beginners through to more experienced artists & designers looking for new ways of working.


Sessions are spaced every two weeks to give you time to work on the ideas and introduce them to your own work, they can also be booked on an individual basis.


Session 1 - 14 April:   'Drawing Without Looking'

Session 2 - 28 April:   'Colour Challenge'

Session 3 - 12 May:   'Tonal collage'

Session 4 - 26 May:   'White space'

Session 5 - 9 June:   'Inside Out, Outside In'

Ignite Your Creativity Online art course - 5 week package