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A passion for colour and strong composition runs through all of my work. Through print, photography, collage, drawing and video, my work considers aspects of landscape; our streets; structures in the landscape; the mystery of what goes on beyond a boundary fence; and our impact on the environment, altering or destroying it in our desire to utilise or experience it.


Working across a range of media, I combine imagery from personal experience, observation and memory as well as utilising photography and digital mapping tools.  Sometimes in these landscapes things are not quite what they seem at first glance. A red sun might just be a nuclear reactor viewed from above, and distant trees in a forest may be grooves on the corrugated sheds of the local business park. I believe that art can be found anywhere and is for everyone.

My childhood was spent in the north east of England, on the edge of a town with a factory and industrial units at the end of the street. Having freedom to wander the local countryside gave me an acute appreciation of urban, suburban and rural landscapes and the different value placed on each. Lately, through a passion for ornithology, I have explored the habitats that are so important to our birds.

After a BA Graphic Design degree at Bristol I studied MA Illustration at the Royal College of Art. I have taught on degree courses and worked as an adult education tutor for 10 years before setting up my courses.


I offer highly regarded and popular workshops, both face-to-face and online, in a range of art media and techniques. Participants range from complete beginners to experienced artists. My philosophy is to work with you on an individual basis, whatever your level, to  help you to improve your skills or be challenged to explore new directions. See some examples of student work here or read some testimonials here.