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Clare makes paintings and prints of places that are frequently not considered of aesthetic value; urban and suburban neighbourhoods, industrial estates, run down buildings or the local scrap of green space where people walk the dog or dump their rubbish. These are transformed through observation of overlooked details, expressive colour and shape.

Before 2020 she would have considered herself primarily a printmaker, but lockdowns meant she could not print and returned to drawing and painting.

Clare grew up in the north east of England, on the edge of a town with a factory and industrial units at the end of the street. This environment gave her an equal appreciation of urban, industrial and rural. They were all 'home'.


Uniting these disparate landscapes is Clare's passion for colour as a means of transforming the everyday into something of wonder and adventure.


Her popular workshops, both face-to-face and online, cover a range of art media and techniques.

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