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Before 2020 I would have considered myself primarily a printmaker, but lockdowns meant I could not print and I returned to drawing and painting before being able to return to printing.


I work with imagery from personal experience, direct observation, memory, photography and digital mapping tools.

My childhood was spent in the north east of England, on the edge of a town with a factory and industrial units at the end of the street. I would walk down my street, past the factory and into the countryside, giving me an equal appreciation of urban, industrial and rural. To me they were all 'home'. What unites these disparate landscapes is my passion for colour as a means of expressing something about the place.


I offer highly regarded and popular workshops, both face-to-face and online, in a range of art media and techniques. Participants range from complete beginners to experienced artists. My philosophy is to work with you on an individual basis, whatever your level, to  help you to improve your skills or be challenged to explore new directions. See some examples of student work here or read some testimonials here.