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I have enjoyed Clare's courses since renewing my interest in drawing and painting a couple of years ago.  She develops a relaxed and creative atmosphere during her classes and inspires with her skilful demonstrations in all types of drawing and painting materials. I continue to learn and be enthused by such a friendly and encouraging tutor as Clare.

Andy Davis

Having been in Clare's class for a few years now, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every class.  Even when I have difficulty with a particular subject, Clare always sets me on the right path.  Even if I am not over keen on a particular subject, it's such good practice that I plough on with her help.


I feel that I have learnt so much and hope to continue to do so'

Virginia Lewis-Jones

I have been attending Clare's art classes for a number of years. They are very enjoyable, friendly and well taught.  There is always a good mix of students with different abilities and interests.


Clare has a relaxed teaching style and this results in getting the best out of her students. She quickly gets to grips with each student's strengths and weaknesses and tailors the class to suit.


Her classes cover a great range of different art media, from basic drawing skills to watercolour, acrylic and collage. Clare is good at demonstrating the different media and each style or technique is covered very professionally.

Pearl Carter

Clare encourages, and provides individual assistance in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere.  Her knowledge in various media is excellent, with careful structuring of the courses to accommodate all levels of student.  As a member of her classes for several years I cannot recommend her too highly.

Consuelo Price

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